Up to 99% of your business data is most likely unexplored. Data that can affect your bottom line.

This data is not captured due to several well known difficulties like huge volumes, cost, effort, and risk. Uncaptured data means unrealized value and lost business opportunities.


Datumize is Smart Data Discovery. Our technology unlocks the full value from your unexplored data.

We have discovered that all applications, systems, and devices are connected through networks which contains data. Not only data that is currently stored but also in-flight data that is never stored.


Our solution captures data using non intrusive methods. That means that your applications, systems, and sensors do not need to be modified.

No modifications means no additional cost or effort to capture data. As critical systems remain intact, there is no risk in applying Datumize solution. That's why we deliver smart data discovery.

Data Capture

Captures data from network and devices not intrusively. Applications and systems are not aware about data collection.

Different network protocols are supported. A broad range of protocols and devices can be plugged.

Data Processing

Processsing captured data means applying customized business logic to solve specific customer problems.

Fast, scalable, and real time processing in an ultra-lightweight engine designed to run on a variety of hardware.

Data Integration

Integration is about understanding the complexity of enterprise information systems.

Captured and processed data needs to be integrated into other systems. Valuable information is integrated into your target platform to allow analytics.

Datumize is one of the most focused and dynamic tech companies I've ever had the pleasure to work with. They have a clear vision and the ability to execute on it. Based on mutual recognition and interest I joined Datumize's Advisory Board.

Michael Hausenblas

Michael Hausenblas Datacenter Application Architect @Mesosphere, Inc.

Datumize was selected to join Startbootcamp Internet of Things & Data program because of their innovative solution and potential growth. During the program, Datumize has being refining the go to market strategy to realize its full value. Expectations are high with these guys.

Ángel García

Ángel García Founding Partner @SBC Internet of Things & Data

Useless knowledge equals having the capacity of generating large sums of data that basically serve nothing. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win. Datumize is the company that brings smart data discovery to an ever increasing and otherwise useless and wasted amounts of relevant business data.

Javier de Rocafort

Javier de Rocafort Chairman @Balmoral Capital Partners

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