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Transform industrial data into manufacturing process intelligence

60 days is the average time it takes a regular factory to send a complete report to the headquarters as for their operations.
Upgrading operational technology stack in a factory to make systems and processes’ digitization and “iotization” possible has an estimated cost of 2.5M€
Big manufacturers understand the enormous potential of leveraging industrial data, and over 80% of them are aware of the fact that data lies at the heart of Industry 4.0
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Connect, integrate and leverage machine data into operational intelligence
Are you empowering your industrial data?

The smart manufacturing approach requires data connection and integration in your plants, so that you could generate new and compelling insights regarding your operations. Having your data locked into control systems and production line machines is limiting your operational intelligence and inhibiting your continuous process improvement.

Do you know how to converge your OT and IT environments?

Put your operational technologies at the same “digital” level as your IT systems by allowing the data to flow seamlessly between both environments. Avoid data silos and consolidate your technological stack in your plants.

How can you gain governance over your data?

To use it freely for your strategic purposes, break the barriers of your operational technology suppliers and start gaining governance over your industrial data.

Gain operational intelligence
Improve your decision making by relying on new and powerful insights regarding operations and process performance.
Design better processes
Enjoy a global and consolidated understanding of your production process and detect improvement opportunities.
Enjoy continuous asset monitoring
Take the most from your plant assets by monitoring their performance and ensuring the best use of each one of them.