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We are a software technology company established in 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Our main aim is to develop innovative products that allow companies to enjoy actionable insights based on hidden data (also known as dark data) to leverage them in decision making.


We are now operating for customers in EMEA and North America and growing exponentially based on the innovative solutions provided to different industries. We feed their business intelligence with new and better data, opening the door to new sales opportunities detection, operational performance improvements, cost reduction, and revenue increase.
Million GB of hidden data unveiled
New KPIs discovered per client
Revenue increase on average
Years of proven track-record
Considered one of the Top 10 Barcelona Hottest Startups

Our statements:

Globalia Success Case Mission

We make simple a complex world full of data.

Globalia Success Case Vision

We will be a crucial player in the data-driven business

Our values:

Globalia Success Case Humble

We are always open to learning from the people close to us.

Globalia Success Case Proud

We feel incredibly proud of what we are achieving every day.

Globalia Success Case Techie

We love the potential of technology to change the world continuously.

Globalia Success Case Creative

We know that there is always a new way to solve new problems.

Globalia Success Case Bold

We have no fear of taking risks as it is the only way to be disruptive.

Globalia Success Case Caring

We strive to delight our clients, partners and employees.

Globalia Success Case Diverse

We are a strong team of unique, genuine, and diverse people.


Our people:


Datumize team is formed by young, tenacious, and highly skilled engineers, consultants, designers, business developers, and marketers, among others.

We count as part of the team our rich network of partners and collaborators, as well as our investors and advisors, with whom we are always pleased to work.