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Datumize L2B Advanced Analytics

Discover your requests & bookings patterns and track your distribution performance

L2B Advanced Analytics is an all-in-one application helping tour operators, airlines, wholesalers, hotels, and OTAs to increase sales by capturing, managing and analyzing all the requests and interactions from their distribution channels to fill the knowledge gap about the customer aspirations, real-demand, booking path, system performance, and lost opportunities.  

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Look2Book Insights

A detailed view of your look2book funnel, with compelling and actionable insights from data related to all the interactions during the booking process steps (look, search and book).

Customer Intelligence

Map your customer booking behavior and deeply understand your customer profiles and behaviors (source market, destination, days in advance, period, packages, etc.)

Conversion Analysis

Analyze the match between your inventory offer and your customer demand, based on the requests and responses in your booking channels, and detect new sales opportunities.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor and track in real-time issues, timeouts and overall technical performance. And reduce your time to resolution with the early detection of issues.


Get an omnichannel view by integrating data from all your distribution channels (web, app, API/XML, etc.)
Boost your conversions
Analyze the conversion potential of your current product and catalog.
Increase sales
Identify new sales opportunities from your actual requests analysis.
Improve your customer experience
Timely detect technical issues and timeouts.
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