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Datumize Machine Data

Unlock and empower industrial data collected from any device. Legacy system or complex protocol won’t be a barrier anymore to extract captive information and integrate it with other systems, with no hardware investment or any infrastructure change needed.  
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Machine-Data-Product Datumize Machine Data

Unleash and empower data locked in control and operational systems to generate new insights about operational efficiency.

Unlock Machine Data

Unleashing data from sensors and other devices with no critical system modification or upgrade of hardware equipment.

Bridging OT and IT worlds

Translate device data into structured and clean data & metadata stored in open architecture.

Empowering process sensors

Digitize any device and transform it into a cyber-physical system.

Manage asset related information

Continuous data capture for real-time asset performance monitoring.


Appliance solution

Combining hardware and software for an end-to-end and plug-and-play solution.

Holistic digitization

Enable connected processes by integrating your sensors data with any other system or environmentsuch as big data storage, analytics, IoT and Business Intelligence.

How it works
Leveraging Industrial Data from your Operational Technology

This is how our main verticals are getting value from this product

Success stories

We are delivering significant impact on our clients' core business

Intel: Datumize and Intel Transform Dark Data into Operational Insight for Manufacturing and Logistics
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