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Datumize Motion intelligence

Easily get instant information about people and asset movement in your premises, and optimize it to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Leverage all data about people and workers' locations, mobility, heat maps, and much more with no hardware investment.
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Motion-Intelligence-Product Datumize Motion Intelligence

For Warehousing

Know overall warehouse motion

Trace all your operators and devices movements inside the warehouse and understand your onsite flows.

Optimal path

Determine the optimal path for each motion operation inside your warehouse, having in account the guessed path and the warehouse organization.

Workforce performance

Use the motion data as the main insight or correlated with other systems data (WMS) to analyze the performance of your operators in each action.

Spatial organization

Detect improvements and get recommendations for  better space distribution inside your facilities.

Real-time alerts

Set security alerts (i.e., movements in forbidden areas), detect network errors, etc.

Process analysis

Improve your process design by an in-depth knowledge of the products, volume, time, operators, and devices involved in each action or process.

For Hospitality

Understand onsite customer behavior

Monitor movements of clients inside the hotel (when they leave, when are they back, which areas are they using, etc.).

Real-time alerts

Use your WiFi data to create security alerts (i.e., movements in forbidden areas), detect network errors, etc.


Detect hot areas in your hotel by time, day, season, etc. to optimize the service. 

Correlated profile and behavior data

Analyze customer behavior based on the profile (origin, gender, age, type of stay, etc.).


Connect your motion intelligence with other business intelligence, reporting or analytics tools to widen your customer behavior knowledge.

Workforce performance

Study the movements of your employees inside the hotel to detect operational efficiency improvements.

How it works
Manage the data at your WiFi access points and transform them into valuable motion insights.
The information and actionable insights that you need prompted to you in a friendly interface or integrated with your enterprise storage and analytical platforms

This is how our main verticals are getting value from this product

Success stories

We are delivering significant impact on our clients' core business

Understanding guest motion inside the hotel to optimize services and identify new business opportunities
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Enjoying warehouse motion intelligence and new operational insights from Wi-Fi data
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