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Datumize Retail POS Insights

Enjoy a holistic view of your disparate POS performance

Rapid escalation and fast evolution of the retail and point of sale technologies have created a phenomenon that repeats itself all over again in the growing retail companies. This results in the emergence of an unconsolidated technological landscape with different POS systems and sales channels, data siloed in disparate databases, and, as a consequence, a vital intelligence gap, together with the lack of reliable information and unified insights. Datumize Retail POS Insights is an all-in-one application helping retailers to capture, integrate and process data from their different POS systems and sales channels (even if they belong to various vendors, technologies or installations), to generate holistic insights about their sales, customers, catalog, and pricing, as well as to improve their decision-making.  

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Sales Insights

Capture all tickets data from all your disparate POS systems, process and aggregate information to present timely insights about your sales performance (ticket value, basket size, preferred shopping days, hours, etc.).

Category/Product Mix

Understand how your categories and products are performing in all your points of sale to help you to improve your centralized purchases strategy.

Store and Region Performance

Benchmark and analyze the performance of each point of sale and even of each region, with an option to identify characteristic patterns and behaviors.

Pricing and Promotions Analytics

Enjoy a holistic view of the impact of your pricing and promotion strategies over your entire point of sale network.

Brand Analytics

Generate reports for your brands with a detailed view of how they are performing in your entire retail channel.
Easy to set-up
Smoothly capture data from all your POS, adapting to each technological landscape and characteristics, and with easy deployment (remote installation).
Continuous monitoring
Capturing, processing and transforming data in near real-time to offer continuous monitoring of your point of sales performance.
Centralized visualization
Consolidated metrics in a friendly analytics user interface with prompted insights and flexible reporting functionalities.