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Datumize Zentral

One-stop-shop to cover the full lifecycle of your data integration projects

Companies need to be flexible and agile in incepting and implementing their data strategies in a way that quickly adapts to changing environments. Datumize Zentral is a self-service web platform to configure, debug, install and monitor Datumize products, that features a friendly and intuitive user interface. Whether you are a consultant, architect or devops, Datumize Zentral simplifies the way you leverage all Datumize products and build your data integration projects end-to-end.


Awesome User Experience

Datumize Zentral modern graphical interface offers a seamless user experience. A lot of effort has been made to provide self-explanatory functionality. As a data specialist, you will interact with familiar concepts such as data pipelines or deployment plans, and tweak the system using a gradual approach, until you master the deepest configuration option.

Graphical Data Pipelines

Data pipelines represent a sophisticated data integration application. Using the component palette, you will drag and drop source, processor and sink components into the canvas, and visually create data streams by connecting two components together. The intuitive editor will allow you to define components’ properties without any coding.

Test before Release

Datumize Zentral supports visual testing of your pipelines by adding support for breakpoints and data stubs. The stubs represent data mockups to test the full pipeline with real data; breakpoints allow to execute the pipeline step by step, analyze each data transformation in detail, and streamline the pipeline before giving the seal-of-approval.

Deploy to critical Environments

Deployment in enterprise environments in challenging. Datumize Zentral remotely manages the architecture of your environment, and supports provisioning and updates for Datumize product instances and 3rd party software bundles, and full control over product and pipeline versions that allow for uninterrupted operations. Runtime policies enable fine-grain configuration of runtime behaviour to squeeze the available processing power of the target environment.

Enterprise Security

Datumize Zentral is the centralized and global component that controls the access to the different stand-alone Datumize products, services, and resources. It provides advanced security features for the enterprise, such has a single entry point for connectivity, secured proxies, and single sign on (SSO).

Monitoring and Alerts

Datumize Zentral provides out of the box metrics for runtime machines, product instances, and pipelines. Custom metrics can be easily crafted inside the pipeline. Default dashboards provide information for visualizing the system health, and advanced alerts allow for notifications to happen at the right time.