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Consolidate your retail intelligence

Collect, collate, and analyze data from disparate systems (POS, location sensors, website, apps, etc.) for a complete and omnichannel retail intelligence
Retail companies that create the perfect ‘omnichannel experience’ by using data analytics increased their shareholder’s value by 8.5 times
Retailers can gain a 60% boost in their operating margins by using big data
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Bring your sales scan to the next level
Are you consolidating your POS data?

Enjoy new insights by integrating data from your disparate POS systems and applying advanced analytics. Understand your sales, category and product mix, price elasticity, promotional performance, shop performance, customer behavior, etc.

How much do you know about your customer in-site behavior?

What is your customer purchase, when, where and how. By gathering and connecting data from sources, such as POS systems or location sensors and crossing the insights, you can generate powerful knowledge regarding customer behavior that will help you improve customer’s experience and increase sales.

Are your assortment, pricing and promotion decisions based on quality data?

Get the information you need to decide on your assortment, pricing or promotion strategy quickly and on time.

Increase sales
by using powerful insights to decide and define your assortment strategy, pricing variations or your future promotions
Improve customer’s experience
by understanding how your customers behave, so that you could take customer-oriented decisions to delight them with a perfect shopping experience.
Reduce cost
by recognizing your demand and sales performance rates, so you could align your operations to the most efficient possible, and, finally, reduce costs.