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Get compelling insights from all your booking interactions

  Among all travel companies, 70% of them struggle with the amount and quality of data.
 Only 30% gather third-party data, and 15% utilize free text data.
  More than 40% of customers’ requests become lost sales due to lack of response.
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bodegon-travel-data Analytics for Travel Distribution
Oversee, analyze, and grasp what’s happening in all your sales channels
What do you know about your demand?

You probably know which is your most sold destination, but which one is most requested, and when and how? Being able to trace the requests and booking attempts from all your sales channels will give you a greater understanding of your real demand.

What do you know about your distribution?

Even if you are a wholesaler, a tour operator, an airline or an OTA, the only way to optimize your distribution is by understanding the performance, demand, offer, searches, requests, and everything that is going on in all your channels.

What do you know about your offer?

Are your suppliers complying with your SLAs? Is your inventory large enough in specific destinations and dates? Analyzing the offers you show for each request may help you understand why you are converting or not in a book.

Increase your sales:
Discover and generate new sales opportunities from the 40% of current lost sales, increasing your awareness about customer behavior, real demand, inventory and offers, and system performance.
Reduce your costs:
Optimize your integrations, detect technical issues in real time, and monitor your suppliers' performance.
Enhance your customer experience:
Comprehend travel aspirations and booking behavior, and enhance the process to delight your customers continually.
Success stories

We are delivering a significant impact on our clients' core business.

Globalia: 5% revenue increase thanks to a better understanding of the real demand and customer requests.
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Vueling: Detecting new routes and cross-selling opportunities from customers' booking behavior insights.
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