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Smooth active and passive Capture:

Proprietary capture technology capable of accessing sophisticated, complex, and unexplored data sources. The primary differentiation versus traditional data integration tools is our capability of collecting non-stored and non-used data such as the ones flowing in network transactions, industrial networks, machines and sensors (IoT), WiFi technologies or distributed locations. 

Continuous Processing and flexible Storage: 

Meeting the modern velocity needs and providing continuous processing capabilities, even in the data source (edge computing) to transform and enrich the data and compute streaming metrics.
Enabling enterprise data governance and including pluggable integration, aggregation, filtering, and storage layers. 





Rapid go to market:

We enable our partners and clients to quickly develop solutions based in our technology with the platform Datumize Zentral, for configuring, deploying, managing, and monitoring integration projects. 



Adapted to your IT and internal organization: All our products are designed to fit into your current landscape


To implement our products or solutions there is no needed critical system modification or upgrade to industrial equipment. 


Thanks to the real-time data capture and management we can offer continuous insights and generate real-time alerts.

Data ownership

Our solutions ensure the full data privacy, so we are adapted to data protection law, and we always offer data ownership to our clients.


Datumize Analytical Platform out of the box or Integration with your enterprise storage and analytical platform.

GB of hidden data unveiled
New KPIs discovered per client
revenue increase on average
Considered One of the Top 10 Hottest Startups from Barcelona