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Datumize Data Collector (DDC)

Capturing dark data from sophisticated, complex and unexplored sources

Data is undoubtedly at the center of every digital transformation initiative nowadays. This reality has increased the need for reliable technologies that ensure companies are capturing the data they need, timely, in the right format, and with quality.

Datumize Data Collector (DDC) is a lightweight, high-performance, streaming data integration software focused on data collection for hidden, complex and disparate data sources. This kind of data ends up being mostly unexplored as there are no easy and convenient methods of access.

DDC allows companies to integrate dark data from various sources, such as in-transit network transactions, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, industrial machines, or distributed locations, and enrich their customer, business and operational intelligence with the new captured data.

datumize data collector

Network Sniffing and Deep Packet Inspection

Data are not always persisted and waiting to be picked up. DDC includes deep technology that supports sniffing network packets, to access ephemeral data that happens to be visible only while flowing. Advanced network dissectors allow to access the data payloads that yield the high business value.

Edge Computing

The Internet of Things has increased the need for edge computing, as cloud storage and compute have exponentially increased the operational costs of companies, while many computing capacity remains unused at the edge. DDC provides a multi-platform lightweight computing engine that efficiently process and computes data on the edge, including the ability to execute scripted business logic in Python, JavaScript or Groovy.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Certain assets, such as mission-critical industrial machines or high-load information systems, generate an uninterrupted and time-sensitive flow of data that requires proper consideration. DDC supports data streaming in real-time, allowing for windowed processing, data composition, store and forward, scheduling and parallel processing, among other features.

Rich Set of Data Connectors

Dark data integration requires a rich set of connectors for capturing, processing and sinking data in pipelines. DDC is able to capture data for industrial and Internet protocols, apply advanced data transformations such as compression, masking and encryption, and sink resulting data into major storage and messaging systems.

Continuous Management

The distributed data world comes with the complexity of continuous improvements. DDC provides data-drift aware connectors that support evolving data sources, and a remote control agent that allows for product patching, updating application versions, and provisioning computing infrastructure. Remote management is provided through Datumize Zentral.
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Datumize Data Collector for Travel
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