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Datumize Data Collector (DDC)

Capturing smart data from sophisticated, complex and unexplored sources

Being data at the center of every digital transformation initiative has increased the need to have reliable technologies that ensure companies are capturing the data they need, timely and in the right format and quality. Datumize Data Collector (DDC) is a lightweight, high-performance, streaming data integration software focused on data collection for hidden, complex and disparate data sources, most of the times unexplored due to the incapacity to access them with other technologies. Datumize Data Collector ensures the smart data generation by capturing the right data stream from any data source and processing it in a real time through the edge computing to transform it, extract valuable information, and store actionable results.

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Efficient Data Capture

Capturing smart data in a real time from any type of data source: network transactions, disparate databases, IOT, machines, devices or Wi-Fi access points. No matter the complexity of the source, the unique technology of Datumize Data Collector (DDC) is capable of accessing unexplored data sources.

Edge Computing

DDC crunches captured data in a real time, correlating individual events, extracting valuable information, computing additional metrics, and standardizing or transforming it into a new data format.


DDC manages the storage of the resulting information/events in any storage platform for further analytics.

The DDC is modular. Every functionality is a pluggable component. The architecture is organized in steps, flows and streams to quickly adapt to any use case by configuring existing modules or creating new ones.
Datumize Data Collector has been designed for high-performance environments. It’s able to process a large amount of data running on standard physical or virtual servers.
Remote management
A remote agent is installed in the customer machine allowing to track and manage the node remotely through Datumize Zentral, enabling installation and updates with no downtimes, metric gathering, start/stop/status operations.